Sunday, February 15, 2015

Monday February 16, 2015-

A. Clean; build to a max (video heaviest attempts)
B. BS; build to a tough 3, then hit 3x5 @80-85% tough 3
C1. WPU; 1.1x6, rest 15s/90s (heavier than last week straight sets of 2)
C2. CGBP; 1.1x6, rest 15s/90s (heavier than last weeks straight sets)
10 Min Z1 Row

10 Min Z1 AD 

A.Back squat, work to a single, feel it out if you’re feeling it go for it
B. Below Knee hang snatch, work to a tough dougle, no dropping between reps
C. Snatch Balance. OHS 1.1 every 90 seconds for 10 sets, start light add weight each set
10 min AMRAP:
30 pull ups
30 C2B pull ups
30 Ring Muscle ups 

HPA - Power
Squat - C&J - snatch battery
A. Back Squat, build to tough set of 1 rep
B. Power clean . Thruster . split jerk, 2.1.2 -- work to tough rep without dropping the bar (set of power clean should be 2 rep t&g)
For time 10 squat snatch @65% of 1RM
For time 10 squat snatch @70% of 1RM
For time 10 squat snatch @75% of 1RM
For time 10 squat snatch @80% of 1RM
rest :80 b/t each % change


  1. A. 145 1 rep, happy!
    B. No time
    C. 40,50,60,65,65,65,70,75. Called it a day there
    + 30 strict pull ups pronated. 10,5,5,5,3,2
    +30 C2B butterfly broken
    Finished these with 3 mins on the clock, but arms were ruined and I got ZERO ffs MU

  2. Blue
    A) 385#x1 25# PR on back squat
    B) worked through 175# double, then messed around with singles. Technique still stinks
    C) skipped bc of time
    30 pullups - UB
    30 C2B - 5, 5, 5, 3s rest of the way
    Got through 16 MUs. All singles. A lot harder than I expected after C2B.

  3. Gold

    A) 275, failed 295, old pr 285
    B) 335, 295x5
    C1) 80# all sets
    C2) 225# all sets

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