Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wednesday November 26, 2014-

A. 1 Split Jerk every 90s Until failure- see notes
B. Weighted Prone Pullup; build to a 2RM (focus on initiating the pull with your lats and not your arm flexors)
C. Max UB C2B Pullups x1 set (take note whether you used a gymnastic or butterfly kip)
50 Strict HSPU for time (max hand width 30")

-if your SJ PR is over 255 start @225. If your previous 1RM is under 255 start @185.

HPA- Blue
A. Snatch, Work to a heavy single
B. Max muscle ups unbroken in one set
For Time: 
Deadlift 225/155

Toes to bar 

HPA - Power
LB Pull - snatch (tech) - C&J (tech) - acc
A. Deadlift, 1RM
B.Squat snatch 1 rep@ 70-75%RM x 9 sets rest 1m30
C.Squat CLean & Split Jerk x 6 sets rest 2 min(use no lighter than
Front raises w/ plate, 12-15 reps x 4 sets rest 1m30


  1. Blue


    A) 205# (5# pr) missed 215# on 3 attempts. 1st attempt was my best and closest to a successful lift. Super happy I finally hit 205# after a year and a half of year trying. Not as pretty as I'd like but it was good. My hands and grip are super sensitive today too. 215# is there. Road to 225#
    B) 1st day attempting Mus in over a month did about 5 singles to feel it out. My right hand is just about back to normal so didn't want push my luck.
    5:44, stuck in slow motion. My grip was shot for T2B. Had a hard time stringing them together after the 1st 11 reps.

  2. Blue

    A) 195# (10# PR). Took me 3 attempts. Enough strength just not getting to right spot on 3rd pull. Technique poor
    B) 10 UB... started swaying laterally which was not good! right stronger than my left I guess
    6:12. No troubles other than grip. Just couldn't hang on to go for longer sets

  3. Blue
    Haven't snatched for a while because of a sore hand. 70kg after many fails, my technique needs work. https://www.flickr.com/gp/110377605@N06/289uAz/
    No time for muscle ups
    + 7.07 Deadlift weight 102.5KG (225lbs) felt heavy
    T2B need work to string together

    Morning, black coffee, pre breakfast Row 42 mins, slow for recovery. splits on the flickr.
    Kept HR below 120