Friday, November 21, 2014

Saturday November 22, 2014-

10 Mintue AMRAP @90%
15 WB
7/7 KB Sn (1.5/1)
40 cal AD
Rest 10 Minutes
10 Minute AMRAP @90%
15 T2B
100ft Prowler Push Out & Back (155/100)
*Pick a weight that allows for a high turnover on the prowler, w/o it being too easy.

HPA- Blue
A. Strict press build to a tough set of 3
B. Max unbroken chest to bar pull ups in one set
* no c2b, do COVP in 1 set
For Time:
75 Box jump 30/24 ( step down)
75 KBS 32/24
75 Burpee ( no jump at top)
75 Thruster 65/45

HPA - Power 
C&J % - Ub pull strength- EMOM 18-30min
A. Squat Clean & Split Jerk, 1 rep @ 85%RM x 6 sets rest 2min
EMOM for 30 minutes:
1st minute: 4 Heavy Power clean
2nd minute: 3 Wtd Pronated Pullups
3rd minute: 4 push press w/ same weight as power clean
4th minute: 3 Ring Muscle ups
5th minute: REST
**scale weight up or down to be tough but unbroken**
**No Ring muscle ups: modify to 3-4 CTB + 3-4 Ring DIps* 


  1. Blue


    A) 160#x3
    B) 22, just stopped hands are still healing a bit.
    26:11, box jumps were the slowest part because of height and step down for me. The rest I just tried to chip away. 65# thruster felt like 95# "BRUTAL"

  2. Didn't comment for a while but been following the program and always been comparing to Vic as he is usually ahead of me. Will try to comment more frequently.

    A) up to 75kg
    B) 14, might have been more, think I gave up 2-3 reps early
    33:03, evil movements for me, pretty proud I made the 75 jumps, cause 30'' are always challenging for me. Took my time on everything, didn't rush but was gassed in the end anyway