Thursday, November 27, 2014

Friday November 28, 2014-

A. Snatch Pull; 1 single @95-105% snatch max otm for 5m
B. Snatch; 8-10 singles; rest as needed (start @80-85% & build if easy).
C. BS; build to a tough double (not a 2RM)
3 Sets:
16 Alt DB Sn @70/50
3 Rope Climbs
200m Run
Rest = work
*DB snatch should be tough, but doable. If you cannot chip away at a steady pace scale the weight down.

30 Minute Row @Z1
no slower than 2:30/500m for males & 3:00/500m for females.

HPA- Blue
A. Deadlift, Work to a max
B. Above knee hang clean, work to a tough double
30 squat clean for time @ 77%RM 

HPA - Power
snatch - Fsquat - ub push strength / gymnastics
A. Squat Snatch, work to max
B. Front Squat, build tough 3 rep
C. Bench Press, find 8rm
50 ring dips for time 


  1. Blue
    DL 165 kg (363lbs) PR
    above knee hang clean double at 90KG (198lbs), a single at 95KG(209lbs) PR
    + 13.30
    I approached with no structure at all. Got to 15 reps and switched to an EMOM approach because I was knackered

  2. Blue


    A) 405# (5# pr) missed 410#
    B) 225# (Failed 2nd rep at 245#)
    *235# would've been doable but went after it this morning.
    *I didn't set the bar down either
    Skipped since I did a thanksgiving Wod. Wanted at least get the strength in.

  3. had to skip that day but worked up to a max DL last week = 200kg, just fyi if that is going into the avatar