Sunday, November 23, 2014

Monday November 24, 2014-

Attention all HP-Athletes: Please do your best to post your daily results as the number of posts have been lacking the past week or so. As we get closer to the opens it becomes increasingly important that we get your feedback so we can ensure you are properly progressing, and you are properly peaked come game time. And on a side note- Great job to everyone these past few weeks. We've been receiving PR videos by the dozens, which is a testament to all the hard work you've all been putting in. Lets keep that momentum moving forward as we approach this years opens. 

-High Performance Athlete 

*PS- If you haven't already, follow us on instagram @HP_Athlete; and don't forget to tag us in your training/ PR videos. We look forward to seeing them. 

A. Hang Clean; build to a max
B. BS @30x0; 4x4; rest 2-3m
30 Muscle Ups for time
3 Sets:
20-30 DB walking Lunge (continous steps)
90-120s UB Front Plank
Rest 2m b/w sets
*Scale up to Ring FLR is 2:00 is too easy. 

A. Back squat, Build to a heavy single 
B. Drop to 85% for 3 sets of 5 

Row 500m for time 
ALL OUT, go HAM here 

HPA - Power 
Mon - C&J - Bsqaut - UB strength
A. Squat Clean & Split jerk, work to max
B. Back Squat, build to tough 1 rep (not a max)
C1. Wtd Pronated Pullups, 1 tough rep x 7 sets rest :30
C2. Push press, 2 tough reps x 7 sets rest :30
**Use approx 82-87%RM for part C2**


  1. Blue


    A) 325# (failed @335#), back squat was feeling very strong today. Hasn't felt great the last two weeks.
    B) 3 sets completed @276#
    1:29 (3 sec pr)

  2. A: up to 140 kg
    B: as Rx
    1:23.2 (5 sec PR, last time Jan 14)

    *legs were tired from Sat. My limiting factor on BS is core, whenever I squat with belt, I can easily go 20-40# heavier.
    **pretty happy with the 500m time, was aiming at 1:25.

  3. M, 6'1" 178#

    A) Hit 345#. Jumped to 365# which would have been 10# PR from last week, but missed. close.
    B) 3 sets @ 295#. 4th/5th rep on each set really difficult.
    1:29.0 (1.5 sec PR from about a year ago)

  4. Practiced cleans - worked up to 90kg for a single
    TAG WOD2 scaled version, (6 mins to complete 50DU, 30 jumping pull ups (completed in 1.45), AMRAP T2B (65). Rest 2 minutes - 1 rep EMOM 10 minutes clean at same weight (I chose 85kg). No fails.

    Back squat 1 rep 135kg
    3x5 @ 115, 2 minutes rest

    500m time 1.30.3, 500m/av 1.36, 36s/min
    Was hitting 1.25/500m until 350m down, then hit a wall!

  5. Blue

    A. 185
    B. 185
    1:33 (1:27-1:36 variance, and 46 s/m)

    First time squatting since straining my back, so I kept it below 70%. It's been about a month and the muscle finally seems to be recovering.