Sunday, October 19, 2014

Monday October 20, 2014-

New HPA - Power Program:  
HP-Power is a strength biased program that focuses on the proficiency of movement required in the sport of fitness. It is designed to develop full body strength allowing our athletes not just to increase their pressing, squatting, and pulling, but also develop necessary explosive strength to improve gymnastic and Olympic lifting movements. There will be a large emphasis on relative strength, strength endurance, CP battery, Olympic lifting skill and gymnastic skill. The skill oriented design will allow our athletes to fine tune all movement patterns in non-fatigued state.
Who is this program for?
-The avid exercise enthusiast who finds themselves "mix-moshing" strength programs along with main site programing
-The "aerobic monster" who can run for hours, box jump for days, burpee for years but has trouble lifting anything heavier than body weight.
-An athlete who is interested in preparing to take their talents to the grid. They would like to become more efficient at moving the barbell and need to get faster at working in short work periods.
-plain and simple: someone who just wants to get strong, move some weight, and throw their body around on the pullup bar or a pair of rings.  

**For the (1st) six weeks, this program is going to be geared to the average athlete that follows our Gold and Blue Program. Going forward please be sure to post results as it will be able to sway the program design toward the athletes that follow**

Attention HP-Athletes: 
Now that we are beginning the transition to the pre-open training phase it is especially important to post your training results so we monitor volume and intensity as needed (ie- increase of decrease based on your feedback). Our job is to make sure you progress as needed/ reach your full potential come CF-open time and we cannot do that without your feedback.
Thus far a handful of you have done a great job posting your results and we thank you for that, but the majority in this group are not posting regularly or at all. Meaning that the group avatars are only reflecting a small fraction of those following each focus group as we have no data/ feedback from the rest of the followers. Lets try and change that moving forward.


High Performance Athlete 

Ps- if you haven't already,  join the "HPA Competitor's Program" Facebook group. 

A. PC. Hang Clean. FS; 1.2.3- build to a tough set (no drop b/w reps) 
B. PC. Hang Clean; 1.1x3 @85-95% (of A), rest as needed
C. BS; 3x6; rest 3m
4 -5 Sets:
15 UB PS @75/50
rest 30s
40 DU's AFAP
rest 30s
10-15 UB T2B
Rest 90-120s

HPA-Gold is starting a new cycle today. The priorities will remain the same (minus a few small changes based on you're training results the past few months), but the training methods/ protocols will change to reflect the time of year (ie- the pre-open phase). The training split we will follow for the next 6 weeks is....

M- Clean Intense+ BS Intense+ Strength Capacity (CP/ES blend) w/ lighter loads and higher density
T- Aerobic Power Intervals @high % effort + Aerobic Endurance @moderate % efforts
W- Jerk Intense+ UB Push/Pull Intense (cp-based) + Muscular Endurance (ES based)
Th- Rest day or active recovery
F (AM)- Snatch Intense/ volume + squat intense (lower volume) + Strength capacity w/ heavier loading
F (PM- aerobic power test
Sa- Mixed Aerobic Power @high % efforts (2-6 minute intervals) 
Su- rest day or active recovery
*also note it will be especially important that you post your results in this training phase so I can increase/ decrease volume as needed. 

HPA- Blue
Clean Intense +Back Squat intense + Squating Upper pulling Capacity work
A. Power Clean. Clean. Front Squat, work to a tough set ( drop between reps)
B. Power Clean. Clean . Front Squat @
C. Back Squat 5 reps x 4 sets, rest 3 min ( all tough sets )
5 sets of the following:
:30 Thruster 95/65
:30 rest
:30 C2B pull up
:30 rest
:30 Box jump over 30/24"
Rest 1:30
*Low proficiency in C2B pull ups scale to pull ups

HPA - Power  
C&J - Bsqaut - UB strength
A. Squat Clean & Split jerk, work to max
B. Back Squat, work to tough 6 rep with in 4-6 sets
C1. Wtd Pronated Pullup, 3 tough reps x 5 sets rest 1 min
C2. Push press, 3-3-3-2-2 rest 1 min


  1. Blue


    A) 240#
    *this was tough mentally wasn't there this morning. However 240# is 10# away from my pr so happy about that.
    B) skipped because it wasn't written fully so did know was expected.
    5 sets

    THR: 12,12,12,12,12
    C2B: 15,15,11,11,5 (stopped due to rip)
    BJO: 8,9,8,8,8 (real careful here this were I hurt my hand last, tripping over the box.

  2. First workout from this site - first post

    A. 1 PC+1 clean + 1 FS 205#
    B. Did 2 reps * 3 sets of 75% of A (155#)
    C. 185/205/225/225

    5 rounds
    THR 8/8/9/9/9
    C2B (Strict) 6/8/8/8/6
    BJO 6/6/6/6/6

  3. 6'1", 175#

    Will try to consistently post. Have been working out with Vic at Crossfit Redline.
    A) 225# failed squat clean. ~10% off max so not great. Everything felt heavy today especially at 5am.
    B) We did not do
    C) 225#, 235#, 245#, 265#
    Thr: 12, 11, 12, 11, 10
    C2B: 12, 12, 13, 11, 13 (standard kip)
    BJO: 12, 12, 11, 11, 11

  4. any idea what's going on for part B of Blue? If not, I may just make it an EMOM.

    1. B. PC. Clean. FS @80-90% A; 1.1.1x3-4 sets, rest as needed

    2. For some reason it's not saving when I re-edit the blog ... Thankfully we will have a brand new integrated site within the next few weeks

  5. A 235
    B 95% for all sets
    C 295,300,305
    Total time including rests
    2:16/15 t2b
    2:21/15 t2b
    2:20/13 t2b
    2:18/10 t2b
    2:16/11 t2b

  6. Power

    Pretty excited for the new addition. I often can't make it to a box and am stuck working out in my work gym and this seems like a better fit for me.

    A. 215 (failed 225)

    B. 185/205/225/225

    C1. 25/45/55/60/60

    C2. skipped this because I did strict press the day before for a heavy double at 165 as well as dumbbell press.

  7. Gold

    A) 235
    B) 225 all sets
    C) 315, 325, 335X4
    1- 15, :22, 15
    2- 15, :26, 15
    3- 15, :24, 10
    4- 15, :31, 10

  8. Blue

    A. 195
    B. 185x4
    C. 205x2, 215x2

    Substituted pull-ups for C2B.

  9. A. 225
    B. 185
    C. 225, 235, 245, 255
    Had to go, didn't do the metcon

  10. Blue:
    A. 110
    B. Didn't do (didn't see the comment about it until now, bummer)!
    C. 125/135/145/160
    12/10/8 (the box ate my shin with 15 seconds left on the clock)