Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wednesday October 29, 2014-

EMOM for 16 Min (4 Sets):
1st: 5 Push Press
2nd: 3 Push Jerk
3rd: 1 Split Jerk
4th: Rest
*Same wt. for all three movements. Let Push Press dictate load.
Every Other Minute for 8 Minutes (4 Sets):
2 Wtd. Pullups- AHAP while keeping perfect form w/ full ROM
3 Sets @high sustainable effort
30 Wall Balls
30 DU
7 Muscle Ups (5 for female)
Rest 3m b/w sets
*Goal is consistency from round to round. 

HPA- Blue 
A. Above knee hang snatch 3,3,2,2,1,1 rest 2 min 
B.  AMRAP Muscle up (-2) , rest 90 seconds x 5 sets 
* AMRAP (-2) designates repeatable efforts 
5 rounds for time:
5 power clean (225/185)**

10 toes to bar 

*AMRAP (-2) designates repeatable efforts, no muscle ups work ring transitions
** PC should be challenging but doable, scale appropriately

HPA - Power  
LB Pull - snatch (tech) - C&J (tech) - acc
A. T&G Deadlift, build to tough 4 rep
B. T&G Deadlift, 4 reps @ 90% of part A x 3 sets rest 2-3 min
C.Mid Hang Power snatch . Mid Hang Squat snatch. Snatch balance,
1.1.1 every 90 seconds x 10 sets (1st 5 sets use no lighter than 55-58%RM
of squat snatch, 2nd 5 sets 60-63%RM)
D. Mid hang Power clean . Mid Hang Squat Clean . Split Jerk, 1.1.1 every 90 seconds x 7 sets (use no lighter than 60%RM)
Double Arm Trap 3 raise on medium incline @ 2016, 4-6 reps x 4 sets rest as needed


  1. Blue


    A) 135#x3, 145#x3, 155#x2, 165#x2, 175#x1, 185#x1 (10# pr)
    B) Skipped
    9:51 (PC @205#)
    *Wods such as this are tough on me. I struggle a bit with heavier loads such as today. Scaled the load to 205# which was perfect. Grip fatigue was a limiting factor.
    *Really happy about my H. Snatch, I haven't snatch in two weeks, just missed those workouts for whatever reason. So to Pr by 10# is great.
    *Will post video on the FB page

  2. 185# for all
    60# for all
    1:20 for wb and du every round over a min for 7 mu is awful my technique is garbage

  3. Gold

    EMOM at 195#
    Wtd. PU at 70#

  4. Blue:
    A. Did skill work at lighter weight (55, 60, 65)
    B. Ring transitions with band
    5:30 secs (first set at 75, rest at 80lbs)
    P.S. Recently, the RX weights for females have been way out of my reach. I'm confused because it seems that I'm the only female (to my knowledge) posting results. I would appreciate it if someone would shed some light on this for me, please :).

    1. Hey Emily, Since it is a group design I have been programming with the group in mind which to this point based on posting followers is primarily male based. We do know based on traffic and other sources that there are others following that do not post their results. Therefore I have been basing prescribed weights for females on a percentage of the male weights. However I see how this can get frustrating, so from here on out if there is ever a prescribed loadI will indicate what the % relative to maxes and what the workout intent should be, thanks for the feedback.

  5. Blue:
    A. 95, 105, 115, 115, 125, 125
    B. 5 for all 5 sets
    145 Power Clean

  6. Blue

    A. 95, 105, 115, 135, 145, 155
    B. Ring progressions
    7:56 #185