Thursday, November 26, 2015

Friday November 27, 2015-

A. Clean; 2 tng reps @70-80% OTM for 8-10 Min
B. Front Squat; 2 tough reps every 2:30 x6 sets
For Total Time:
25 Power Clean @185
25 Bar Facing Burpee
Then 5 Rounds of...
6 Deadlft @315
6 Deficit Strict HSPU @6"
*Scale is 275 DL & 155 PC

HPA - Power 
A. OH Squat, build to max 
B. OH squat, max reps @ 85%RM 
C. OH squat, max reps @ 75%RM 
D. OH squat, max reps @ 67.5%RM 
*rest about 3-4 minutes b/t A,B,C,D*
EMOM for 10 minutes: 
1st min: 8 moderate RDL 
2nd min: 6-8 Strict Toes to bar
rest 5 min   
EMOM for 10 minutes: 
1st min: hold sorenson :30 
2nd min: hold FLR on rings :30       


  1. Power
    A. 80kg
    B. 5reps
    C. 8reps
    D. 11reps

  2. Gold:

    A, Completed at 135 for 10 mins
    B. Completed at 155-165-165-165-165-170

  3. Power:
    A. 160#
    B. 5 reps at 136
    C. 10 reps at 120
    D. 12 reps at 108

  4. Gold

    A. Up to 285x1, 225x2x5 tng sets emom
    B. 275x2x2 sets, 285x2x3 sets

    A friend of mine hit a 315 clean PR and I wanted to match him today but wasn't in the cards. My core was collapsing like a folding chair on cleans and front squats. I had been having some back tightness and I worked on my psoas pretty good with soft tissue and stretching and got almost immediate relief. But I think it left my already somewhat weak core fatigued. Finished the cleans and burpees in under 5:30 took like 19 something for deadlift/hspu. Strict HSPU at that depth took forever, squeezed out some doubles but mostly singles with 20-30 seconds between reps, probably took 14-15 mins just for the HSPU, wasn't even breathing hard by the end. Just don't have the strength for strict volume at that dept to be very fast.

    1. I also used 1 bar so that added some time.