Friday, July 17, 2015

Saturday July 18, 2015-

Testing officially ended yesterday, so i'll give you two options for todays training before we begin a transition phase/ new cycle. You can either use today as a restoration/ skill day (if your feel you need extra recovery), or use today to do some fun training (ie- things that may not necessarily be training priorities, but you enjoy). Either way the goal is to give yourself a mental, or physical, break from structured programing before we continue to push forward. 

HPA - Power 
A. Thruster, build to moderately challenging triple (enough to prep for Frank The Tank)
For time:
thrusters @ 115lb/75lb
CTB Pullups
20 minutes of choice of recovery
**can be mixed, does not have to be 1 cyclical peice** 

**As per our initial outline of staying on track with Golds timeline, the beat down comes to an end today.  New cycle will begin Monday**

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  1. Power

    Wrists are pretty beat up so did not attempt Frank and subbed a couple of workouts from STRONG Gym's crossfit classes. Was nice to have some people to compare too, I didn't pretty well according to other times.

    For Time
    21 wall balls
    run 100 yards
    15 KBS - 55lbs (probably should have used 70 but they used 55 so just did it for comparison)
    run 100 yards
    9 wall balls
    run 100 yards
    9 KBS
    run 100 yards
    15 wall balls
    run 100 yards
    21 KBS
    run 100 yards

    Time: 6:44 all unbroken

    They did five 100 meter runs and I measured my runs in yards and had to run them in 25 yard sections to avoid running uphill but went ahead and added another run after the 21 swings to make it closer to even.

    For Time
    db thrusters 35lbs
    box jumps 20"
    sit ups

    Time: 7:44

    The box jumps were only 20 inches and I never do rebounding box jumps anyway, I will jump down, land, jump again, but not rebound. Today I stepped down from all since my left heel/achilles has been bothering me but no problems with these today.

    20 mins recovery on airdyne - get up and walk around every 5 mins

    Both workouts today felt like map work, not too hard and didn't have to break anything. No lactic acid build up at all and wasn't too dead after either of them. Will train thursday, friday, saturday, before heading off to Mexico. Will stay active when there but who knows how the fitness center on the resort will be.