Thursday, September 25, 2014

Friday September 26, 2014-

A. Snatch High Pull. Snatch. OHS; 1.1.1x5; rest 2m (drop after snatch pull. no drop b/w snatch and OHS)
B. BS; [5.5]-[5.5]-[4.4]-[4.4]; rest 2-3m
For Time
10 Ground to OH @75% Jerk max
12 Muscle Ups
14 Defecit HSPU (10"/7")
16 C2B Pullups
18 Ring Dips
*scale to a defecit you can do for atleast 3 reps UB when fresh.

-on BS do a 5.5 cluster, rest 2-3m, then another 5.5 cluster, rest 2-3m, 4.4 cluster... etc
-Goal is to use a heavier weight than mondays straight sets w/ the eqivalent # of reps. 

A. Power Clean. Hang Clean. Front Squat, work to a tough set
B. Overhead Squat @ 55X1, work to a tough single 
5 Rounds for Time:
10 Deadlift 225 /155
10 Box jump over 30/24
10 KB thruster 35/25/ hand 
10 toes to bar 

C&J - fsquat(mod) - ub strength (hor)
A. Squat Clean & Split Jerk, work to max
B. Back Squat @ 20X1, 1 rep @ 90-92%RM x 7 sets rest 2min
C. Pendlay Row @ 11X0, 1 tough rep every :20 for 20 total reps
D. Bench Press @ 20X1, 2 tough reps every minute x 10 minutes


  1. Blue

    Morning gents:


    A) 135#->225# no missed reps
    * I have a difficult time resetting to the from the rack. Waste to much energy. Happy with the 225# Complex though.
    B) 135#->225# no missed reps.
    *This felt great 225# is 5# off my Pr, but it's been a while since I tested ohs.
    3 Rds only as Rx'd (Due to Time)
    *Felt pretty good and under control for this wod.
    *DL aren't a strong movement for me so I broke them in Rds 2&3 5/5 with quick rest. Felt this was good and allowed me to keep moving.

  2. Blue

    A. 225 (PC.HPC.FS.FS)
    B. 225 (felt surprisingly easy, could have gone higher)
    14:42 (DL 205)

  3. A 185,190,195,200,205
    B 5.5/285,5.5/295,4.4/300,4.4/305-fail
    14:21 just awful

  4. Gold

    A) 185, 185, 185, 195, 205(f), 195
    B) 245, 265, 285, 305
    Focused on PJ for the C&J which took longer than if I would have done SJ. C2B, Ring dips and MU felt good broke them up into two sets, had to MU into the dips too.

  5. Blue

    A. 185
    B. 145

    Traps were still on fire from Wednesday's thrusters and really limited my OHS. Also, I took it easy for the WOD because I'm notorious for tripping on 30'' box jumps and tearing my shin open. Luckily no failed reps. Also, everything was unbroken except my last set of T2B. Hands got a little sweaty and had to re-chalk.