Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wednesday August 27, 2014:

A1. Bench Press Cluster; @21x1; [2.2.2]x5; rest 10s/2m
A2. Pendlay Row @21x1; 6-8x5; rest 2m
5 Sets:
10 UB Strict Press- moderate load
10 UB Strict Pullups
Rest 2m
*Post load on press/ # of pullups complete to comments.

HPA- Blue
5 Min AMRAP @ 80%
400m run (buy in) 
10 KBS (53/35)
10 Burpee ( No jump at the top)
rest 5 min x 2 sets
5 min AMRAP @ 80%
400m run (buy in)
10 Wall Ball
20 double unders
rest 5 min x 2 sets
* keep the efforts consistent and at 80%

HPA - Grid 
Snatch pull - Jerk skill - Short gymn tester
A. Halting Snatch DL . Snatch Pull, 1.1 @ 95%RM x 5 sets rest 2-3min
B. Split Jerk, 2-2-2-2-1-1-1-1 rest 1 min (2's @ 55-60%RM, 1s @ 60-65%RM)
For time:
18 Muscle ups
36 Handstand push ups
10 min Z1 row 


  1. Blue


    (1:24 buy in)+3rds+1 Burpee
    (1:24 buy in)+3rds+10 KBS
    (1:25 buy in)+4rds+3 Wall Balls
    (1:25 buy in)+4rds+3 Wall Balls
    *Felt good this morning, run stride was on point, was steady all the way through.

  2. Blue

    3 Rds (1:30 run)
    3 Rds (1:25)
    2 Rds (1:27)
    2 Rds + 5 DU (1:30)

    *Running and DU are not my strength, felt more like 85% effort.

  3. A1) 205, 215, 220 x 3
    A2) 135(8), 155(8), 175(6)x3

    Strict press- 115# (struggled on last set)
    Pull ups all completed

  4. Evan, 2 question I hope you can help me with for blue program:

    1. I guess you will hardly ever program airbike due to availability. We happen to have them and it would be a shame not to use them. Exchange rowing to AB on the lactic sessions?

    2. On which day of the week would you recommend AM Z1 work?

    1:57, 2 rounds + 17 reps
    1:51, 2 rds + 17 reps

    1:55, 3 rds
    2:02, 2 rds+15 reps


    1. Hey Ronny,
      As a reference I do not write the Blue program, Ryan Hughes does, but I can answer those questions for you,
      1. AB/AD's will be programed, though they haven't shown up yet (aside from testing). If possible i'd advise against switching the selected modality on a given day as each is programed for a specific reason/ fit into the structure in an intended way (obvious exceptions would be when AB/AD's are programmed and one doesn't have access).
      2. I'd without a doubt recommend it on thurs/sunday "rest days". While it will be programmed into Gold on given days, it will not be mandatory for blue as the program doesn't require doubles. However, you can include it any day of the week as long as you keep it Z1 (i.e.- if you're going 30m, pick a pace you can sustain for 90- this isn't a set rule, its just a reference of where the intensity should lie). If you add it in- take note of how it effects training later in the day/ on subsequent days. Even though the intensity is low it is still training volume/ a stress so it can have negative effects if done to much. I'd start with adding it on 1-2 days per week for 20-30 minutes, let that be a baseline for a bit, then adjust as needed.
      3. Running hates you too. Just kidding. Or am I?

    2. thanks for clearing things up Evan

  5. A1 185, 190, 195, 200, 200
    A2 155/8, 160/8, 165/6, 165/6, 165/6
    5 sets
    Sp- 90,95,100,105,110
    Spu- 10,10,10,10,10

  6. Blue


    This was my first time running since I injured my foot in yoga a couple weeks ago. Was able to keep a pretty easy pace and not burn out after each round. The first half was kind of awkward. Haven't used such a light kettlebell in a while and never done burpees without jumping at the top. Those definitely took a little while to adjust. As for the second half, I was just pretty winded, despite only going ~80%. Took about 5-10 seconds before each set of double-unders so I could catch my breath and focus. Tripped up once on my first and last set of DU's on the 4th round, probably because my calves were a little tired from all the running. Besides that, the other 4, as well as the rest of the movements in the workout, were performed unbroken.

  7. Blue


    I forgot my custom rope and was getting tangled in the borrowed one frequently. My DUs aren't perfect, but I felt as if this was holding me back from completing more rounds.

  8. Blue
    6'2 214
    3+12, 3+11
    3+13, 4+2

    Felt pretty good about the workout. Working at 80% allowed me to maintain my pace the whole way through.

  9. Zack Imboden


    A1) 185-195-205-205-205
    A2) 135(8)-145(8)-155(6)-155(6)-155(6)
    95, 95(9+1), 85(9+1), 75, 75
    All pullups completed

  10. Kevin Ward



  11. Blue



    My 400 run included a run up 5 flights of stairs so that really effected my time. Very tired today as well, possibly due to a meat head chest workout prior to this WOD.